white denim, WHITE DENIM!!!

OK, I enjoy listening to live music. It has to be really awful for me to walk away entirely. On the other hand, I’m not often impressed. It’s usually a pleasant experience. But then there are bands like Earl Greyhound, Ghostland Observatory or (heaven forbid) Thee Emergency, when you walk away thinking “what just happened? I’m going to buy a t-shirt AND a CD. I’m not going to burn it or download it. I’m buying it RIGHT NOW. Here’s my cash….wait, someone give me cash. These people are living in their van for chrissake!”

Well, that my friends, is White Denim. Honestly it wasn’t even their best performance. But it was a completly entertaining musical journey. But the most entertaining thing of all is how darn happy these guys were. They pretty much giggled through the whole thing. They had their first official song request from the crowd which thrilled them to no end. Just precious, I tell you.

Now, I don’t usually describe rocknroll as “precious.” Their music isn’t “precious.” In fact, it’s described as “crunk, rock, pop.” Which somehow makes sense. AND, they could have been under the influence of something making them this happy. BUT, they seemed perfectly lucid after the show and talked like normal guys (without giggling) but they were still smiling.

What I’m trying to say is that if you are in Austin on May 22nd, come and see them. Come support The Mohawk, The Onion, KEXP, Hot Freaks….

But really come to watch these guys rock (and giggle). It’s worth it, I swear. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy you a Tecate. If you really hate them, I’ll buy you four.

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