It’s all in the details.

We shot a wedding in San Antonio that was beautiful and over the top. It had everything and MORE. Including Al Green (the man, himself), flown in from L.A. to sing “Love and Happiness” for their first dance…

Then at the end of the night, SPARKLERS were given to all the guests (that had been drinking for 6 hours) for the exit of the bride and groom. One of my FAVORITE things in the whole wide world is to stand in the middle of a bunch of drunk people pointing fire at me. It only singed my eyebrows a little this time. No serious harm done.

Then, the couple left in a helicopter. Remember that everyone has fire in their hands. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a helicopter taking off – it’s really really windy.

Then people kinda freaked out…

Don’t mess with this guy. He’s serious about not letting people close to the helicopter. He might have been there for crowd control.

Then it made me look like this. Not my finest moment.

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