Not much internet access in NI.

Hey folks. I’ve been up the east coast this week and haven’t had a chance post yet. But I’m back in Belfast and happily enjoying wireless internet in the apartment. The weather here is glorious. Although, everyone that live here keeps apologizing about the rain. It has rained a lot. But in between, there are glorious bits of sunshine and a breeze that reminds me of Colorado in the summertime. Ahhhhhh….coming from the oppresive heat of Austin’s summer, this feels like a gift everyday. The photos posted are a veiw of Belfast from Conor’s apartment (obviously between the showers). More to come….

3 thoughts on “Not much internet access in NI.

  1. The Buchanans says:

    Glorious??? That’s because you don’t live in this yuck weather πŸ™‚I always thought the British summers were a nice change from Austin…but how I’d kill not to have splotchy white legs after living here for 2_ years πŸ™‚Still no baby newsAlison x

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