Impromptu Camping

On Sunday, we went up to “The Sliding Pools.” These are a series of waterfall that are up in the mountains behind Carnlough. Apparently, it’s lots of fun to jump off the waterfalls into the pools below. Considering I was wearing a sweatshirt (because it was COLD), I opted out. No one could understand why and I think they all thought me a wet blanket. But seriously, no thanks! It’s cold. I’m from Texas. Can we build a fire? Which we did, by the way. You know, because it was COLD. Anyway, everyone had a great time jumping off the waterfalls and into the pools. Yelping each time. You know, because it was COLD! After everyone got out, there was a quick rain shower (which we managed to BBQ in anyway), everyone dried out and went from shivering blue to pink again, we decided it would be a fantastic idea to camp. This was tons of fun until it came to actually sleeping with 4 people in a 3 person tent, on the cold ground, me at the bottom of a downward slope, rock in my hip (ouch) and a throw blanket for warmth. Oh well, it was a really good time up until that point.

To get to the Pools you go to the top of Waterfall Road (seen in a previous post), go through 3 gates, jump over 4 fences, duck into a break in the bushes, shimmey down a wet slope aided only by hanging tree branches, shimmey down ANOTHER wet slope aided only by tree branches, jump across the rocks on top of one of the waterfalls and there you are. No, it appears that it’s not a public area. I thought it was pretty difficult to do all that jumping and shimmeying until the next morning. You know shimmeying UP a couple of wet slopes aided only by hanging tree branches and hiking back up to the road. Oh goodness. It was far too athletic for me at 5:30am. But I recommend it anyway.

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