Welcome Isla!!!

Craig and Alison welcomed Isla Buchanan (that’s pronounced eye-lah), a 8lbs 11oz, happy, healthy little girl on Saturday, July 28th. I was lucky enough to be a ferry ride away and was able to go and visit her. She’s sooooo sweet. Congratulations to you guys! Can’t wait to see you again in November. More photos of Newmill Farm on the way….

3 thoughts on “Welcome Isla!!!

  1. Alex says:

    isla has already inhereited alison’s bad habit of biting her finger nails :)i’m envious that you got to visit with alison and isla already! i have to wait until thanksgiving before i see her.

  2. The Buchanans says:

    It was great getting to see you :)Looking forward to Texas in November already…although I think we will be in shock at how different our trips to Austin will be from now on!Alison xx

  3. ACodlin says:

    I can always babysit! I have taken care of Bailey successfully for over a full year (and Penny for a month). A couple of hours with a baby can’t be ‘that’ bad.

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