Words of Wisdom

His name was Wyatt. Hers was Stacy. They met at a wedding and Wyatt fell deeply in L-O-V-E with Stacy. They chatted at the reception even shared a dance. Much to Wyatt’s dismay the evening was quickly coming to an end and he asked for Stacy’s number. She pulled a pen from her purse and reached for a cocktail napkin. Wyatt was over the moon. He couldn’t believe that this goddess of a woman was acutally going to give him his number.

When he read the cocktail napkin, he found that instead of a number, it had these words on it:

Life & love never wait. So, live each moment to the fullest and always choose to be happy.

He was torn between disappointment at having not received her number and pride at receiving such a cool note from such a rad chick. You see, Wyatt was 12 and Stacy was 27. He agreed to show me the note as long as I didn’t tell anyone what it said. But he let me take this picture. And I posted it on my blog. Is that wrong? Am I not to be trusted when it comes to precious teenage crushes?

Sorry Wyatt!

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