Go to this blog NOW!!

My friend Alyson Fox has a guest blog on designspongeonline.com. Alyson is a truly gifted artist, photographer, fashion designer…is that it? I’m SURE I’m forgetting something. Her talent truly runs the gamit. Her first post is of Sarah Blanchard’s house (coincidentally another friend of mine who happens to live in my neighborhood). Sarah and her mom, Kathryn own Home Girls, a store that specializes in perfect vintage pieces, refurbished furniture, found objects, etc. Sarah’s home reflect the Home Girls style, naturally. If you are in Austin or planning on travelling to Austin soon, you MUST visit the store: 4634 Burnt Road. For those redecorating or renovating, plan on dropping in once a week. It’s pretty addictive as the store is always changing. There’s always something fantastic to be discovered at Home Girls!

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