Keeping Austin Weirder

Okay, not to be outdone. We ran into THIS GUY when we were out last week. Yes, that’s a tattoo of the Batman symbol on his chest that he so proudly displays upon meeting the ladies. What a charmer.

Here’s how the ladies react to his powers….


I’m off to Berkeley, CA in a couple of hours. Chances are that I’ll see something weird there worth posting. I’ll let you know!

Happy Days,

9 thoughts on “Keeping Austin Weirder

  1. Alex says:

    i think when i’ve seen that guy before he was wearing a t-shirt with a hole cut out of it so you could see the tattoo underneath the shirt. total douche!

  2. karmajunkie says:

    I’ve seen him around too–last time was at ACL… used to see him down in the warehouse district all the time. Tall guy, spiky blond hair, almost always wearing leather pants, totally in love with himself?

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