You know, we all try during the holidays. We try try try. Try to be patient and super excited about Christmas. Try to get the perfect Christmas gift. Try not kill the unexpectedly nutso drivers on the roads. Try not to mind that your house looks like the back of a UPS store or that you are now on a first name basis with the UPS woman (her name is Bonnie). So much so that she apologizes for banging loudly on the front door because she “knows the doorbell doesn’t work.” She also knows the names of my dogs.

But, I digress. We all try to be a better son or daughter, stand up tall, embrace others and all that. But it’s hard. Especially during the holidays.

Some of us even try to get the perfect photograph for the perfect Christmas card. But that can be incredibly challenging. Again, especially during the holidays for the before mentioned reasons:

Don’t we all want to drink some hot chocolate and just chill out?? YES. Yes, we do.

Well, good luck with that! And, Merry Christmas afterall.

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