Assisting is my new favorite thing.

My friend Cambria shot the band White Denim for Rolling Stone last week. Dave Mead and I came along to assist. Well, Dave mostly assisted. I did some light styling: “Can we see more of your red socks? We should change Josh’s shirt. Yes, I can hold your whiskey, mmmm that IS delicious.” I also did some light assisting “hold this, hold that, move that. etc.”

All together it was a really fun day with lots of laughter and fantastic photos being made. I enjoyed being part of the process without having any pressure. Actually, I looooved it. The issue will be out February. If you read this blog regularly, you know how much I love White Denim, so I’m really happy for those guys (and for Cambria, of course). Congrats and keep day drinking.

These drawings were next to the drum kit inside their studio (which is the airstream behind them in the above photo).

One thought on “Assisting is my new favorite thing.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the photograph of the little drawings in the air stream. That picture may need to be in the new KP. You have a great eye, my friend.xo,wk

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