The good news is that the SXSW line up has been announced: 2008SXSW FOr me this will be another week of indie music galore and only half memories. The bad news is that RYAN CARBRERA appears to be only the list.


Please someone out there tell me that this is nothing more than an scheme to fool us all. Or perhaps it’s a band called Ryan Cabrera that makes fun of Ryan Cabrera. A man of little talent that I only known because of his really awful hair and his romantic link to Ashlee Simpson (who is only known because of her sister, international embarrassment on SNL and a really obviously *yet still denied* nose job. Besides, she spells her name with two E’s. It’s Ashley, people.

But I digress, this isn’t about her. How did this happen? Who is in charge here? I’m so confused. Pleae tell me it’s irony. If it’s true, it’s all just plain hateful.

Speaking of hateful….my car was broken into last night outside The Mohawk.


Ryan Cabrera at SXSW = hateful!


Have a good weekend,

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