Ashley Speaks at the Apple Store.

OK, I swear this is not a joke. I will be speaking at The Apple Store at The Domain on April 27th at 3pm. In addition to sharing my work, I will be discussing how using
Aperture makes my work flow so much easier and faster. If you are interested in learning more about Aperture, come by and have a chat. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, well, I guess just keep reading this blog. It’s going to be here anyway.

Apple Events

8 thoughts on “Ashley Speaks at the Apple Store.

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  2. caitlin says:

    Would it be weird if I went? because I kind of totally want to go…especially after reading the description on the apple website. ACCLAIMED PHOTOGRAPHER. It’s like royalty. right?

  3. Ashley Garmon says:

    Aaron, Chris Isaac will definitely be there. He just switched from PC to Mac. Caitlin, you must come. You know what an “acclaimed photographer” I am! Besides, you can dance with Chris Isaac. He’s such a crooner. And Jesse, yes I do offer private lessons for large sums of money.

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