I’m in Chicago

Hello everyone. I’m in Chicago visiting some friends and enjoying some pretty perfect weather. The photos were taken on the rooftop deck of my friends Nick and Kelly’s apartment. It has a stunning view of downtown. We marveled several times that we cannot believe that Nick owns an apartment with such a rad view.

By the way, the picture isn’t of Nick and Kelly. It’s of Nick and Steve. They’re not together. Nick’s married to Kelly. Kelly is a girl – both of these boys are straight. Seriously.

Man love 2008.

See y’all back in Austin!
P.S. Photos taken with iphone.

12 thoughts on “I’m in Chicago

  1. Nick says:

    Just to be clear. This picture was taken on Steve’s birthday. He gets one gay hug from me on his birthday. It’s sort of a tradition. And something we both look forward to all year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nick, I’ve seen that hug many times. It happens more often then on birthdays. But every time I see it, its like the first time. -B

  3. Trey says:

    Great picture guys, what a long journey you guys have had in the closet. You are at a critical turning point now, stay out and strut your stuff bois!!!!!!

  4. Mike Schutte says:

    I am with you Jamie Kitch., there sould be room for 4 of us in the mix…. Call me – someone, anyonePlease?

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