This guy sat in front of my on a flight back from LA. I decided that he was an artist or maybe a musician and he wrote furiously in his moleskin through the duration of the trip. He seemed to be a thoughtful guy. At least he looks thoughtful enough in this photo. What you cannot ever understand is how much this guy stank on the plane. I’m talking bonafide funk monster. As people walked down the aisle of the plane, you could see the horror and confusion in their eyes as they hurried past. It was difficult to sit behind him for 3 hours but I managed to amuse myself. Perhaps he’d been extensively travelling? But he looks kind of cute on the photo. Then I remember the funk.

Columbus Ave Bridge after work in Chicago.

This young lady, a ticket agent for American Airlines, was celebrating her birthday with a very fancy updo AND a tiara on her head while at work. I gave her a high five.

OK, these two were totally breaking up. Or I should say, she was breaking up with him. He seemed to be making his arguement to stay together (or trying to explain some indiscretion) but she was having none of it. I couldn’t actually hear what they were saying because I was sitting inside. But it was an interesting pantomime to watch.

Bold pink haired girl in Belfast. But “Punk Rock Rehab” in hot pink metallic? Really? She appears to have a pink purse too. Pink was her thing.

Passed out in Chicago O’Hare.

3 thoughts on “Strangers

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the shot of the guy on the plane. I wonder if he knew he smelled? If not, I wonder if he will read your blog and figure it out? Yikes. B

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