What’s on the other side

Little girls that are participating in a wedding are kind of mesmerized by the whole thing. Beautiful dresses and flowers, they also receive gifts disguised as “thank you” gifts. But really they’re just bribes for the kiddos to behave. So, occasionally there is the sweet moment with flower girls looking through a window with pretty light. You know, watching…behaving. Right?



BTW, Check out that giant wreath of flowers on the little girl’s head on the right.

Look, you can see it in her eyes. SHE KNOWS. This day will come back to haunt her. These photos will somehow end up in a reel at her party when she graduates from high school. Her parents will still think it’s cute. Her friends will laugh and point. But then she’ll get married and the photo will again appear in the slideshow at her rehearsal dinner. I have one of these photos too. I was a flower girl at my Mom and Step Dad’s wedding when I was five. I was going through a stage where I thought it was cool to walk around pigeon toed. Allegedly, this was because my best friend was pigeon toed. ANYWAY, There’s a photo of me standing with my brother/ringbearer. He looks adorable. I look adorably pigeon toed. I walked down the aisle pigeon toed too. Awesome. For the record, I got a Tinkerbell Perfume set as my gift and my brother got a Star Wars Millenium Falcon. He totally won. Of course my Step Dad ended up having to give me five extra bucks to actually walk down the aisle. My brother didn’t go at all. We were terrified.

Alrighty, in the spirit of long winded conversation and over sharing, I bid you a happy Thursday.

P.S. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being pigeon toed and I think both of the flower girls pictured are precious. Disclaimer, disclaimer…

One thought on “What’s on the other side

  1. emmylou + miller says:

    I had the Tinkerbell perfume, too! I hadn’t thought of it in years and then a few weeks ago I smelled something that reminded me of it…. I still remember EXACTLY how it smelled. BTW, Emmylou is up for her first flower girl duties come October. I’m thinking disaster…

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