Courtney Shanks rocks her own face off.

Blood on the Wall played at Club de Ville last night. I happen to like this band a lot. I’m not going to attempt to say why because I don’t write about music. I’ll stick exclusively to statements like: “listen to this” and “I like this band a lot.”

But these people have more to say about music:

The Mohawk
Little Radio
The Sound of Marching Feet
Gorilla vs. Bear

4 thoughts on “Courtney Shanks rocks her own face off.

  1. Alex says:

    so in 8th grade, i made a paper mache four way head thing based on the t-shirt from the cure’s in between days cover album that the woman pictured is wearing. me and my partner brad cut out the eyes and put lights in them so our head(s)’s eyes glowed in the dark. it was pretty awesome, although i had to suffer a gazillion rather major electric shocks to make the lit eyes happen. brad loved it so much (MAJOR cure fan) that he kept it. i wonder what ever happened to it.anyway, happy birthday. i still am an asshole 🙂

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