Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Look at this little gem that I bought for my birthday. It’s modeled after the Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex cameras that originated in the 20’s. It’s autofocus ranges from 4 inches to infinity. It’s only 5 mega pixels but I don’t care. The LCD is on the top which means I can shoot from the hip and the format is square. It’s only 3 inches high and my friend Scott Staab suggested that I put it on a gold chain and wear it around my neck. Which I just might do.

Do I need another camera? NO. I already actively carry two cameras with me at all times (three if you could the iphone – which I do, so, three cameras). But how could I possibly resist a fire engine red, square formatted camera that’s three inches high and will allow me to photograph people on the street without them knowing?

The answer is that I absolutely cannot.

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