Send me your "sleeping in public" photos!

My friend Nick (of Nick and Steve from Chicago) sent me this photo of another guy sleeping in public. I’m completely digging his white jeans AND white boots. Wow. You know this guy has been in these clothes all night and is passed out in what appears to be a public lounge of some kind. I encourage you all to send me “sleeping in public” photos too. As I’m writing, I’m feeling that this maybe a contest and there might be a prize for the winner.

Nick is the one on the left:

…and yes, again, these guys are straight.

But I digress.

Email me your SIP photos and I’ll post them: Maybe you’ll win. But then we’re all winners, aren’t we? Unless you’re caught sleeping in public and your photo ends up on photosmashing, then you’re kind of a loser. And there is an entirely different prize for that.

8 thoughts on “Send me your "sleeping in public" photos!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s at the Cabo bus station back in February.And he’s not sleeping, he’s dead. Steve killed him.J

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, Steve killed him, not Nick…And it was because Steve had relations with this hombre years before, and was trying to avoid a “situation.”

  3. The Gould Family says:

    It is on! I always see people sleeping in crazy configurations on the plane. I’ve always needed an excuse (other than my personal entertainment) to take their photo. NOW I HAVE IT!

  4. The Gould Family says:

    OK, this post totally jinxed me. After I posted my comment (literally like 45 minutes after), I got on a flight and fell asleep. I woke up when my arm flailed out and hit the person sitting next to me. Embarassing.

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