First Look

These days, many couples are seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. This is a really great idea for those of you out there getting married. It makes everything less stressful.

Here’s Kari and David seeing each other for the first time last week. We shot their wedding in Houston, Texas. More photos from their wedding will be posted laer this week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

One thought on “First Look

  1. emmylou + miller says:

    Gary and I had a moment before the wedding to see each other and it made a huge difference. I’m actually not sure I could’ve made it down that long aisle without seeing him first- I might’ve fainted instead. It really relaxed me and so far, no bad luck. It’ll be 10 years for us in January…BeccaOh, it also lets you head to your party right away if you’ve done photos before the ceremony. That was the best part of all!

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