A handful of wedding portraits

I know that I’ve complained A LOT about the heat this summer. But these photos demonstrate why shooting outside during the summer in Texas is still worth it. It’s just real pretty y’all. We shot Charity and Danny’s wedding at the Wildflower Center in on June 14th. There are a ton of great details from this wedding to that will show up on the blog later this week.

2 thoughts on “A handful of wedding portraits

  1. The Buchanans says:

    These are really nice. Makes up for the heat. I wore knee high boots, a wool skirt, and a sweater to work last week….its the end of June and it is still cold here :(BTW, Griffen worked at Collegestudent.com all those years ago. I think he was one of Eben’s partners??

  2. Ashley Garmon says:

    Alison, you’re right. The wedding posted a couple of days ago is Griffen’s wedding. Although we didn’t put it together until Eben showed up at the rehearsal dinner and we had a happy yet confused reunion. Can’t wait to see you in Ireland!

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