Sleeping in Public 2

A few people have actually sent in photos of people publicly catching Z’s. Katee Faust actually sent in a photo of herself sleeping, passed out rather, on the train in France. I’ve also received several emails of people saying that they have photos – so email them to me already!

Keith Gaddis, Keith’s Flickr Account, sent in a shot of someone sleeping on the street during SXSW. There must be more of these floating around…

Kim Maguire sent in this one:

Here’s Katee after too much wine in Paris:

My old assistant Sarah (OK, I don’t mean OLD, I mean she doesn’t work for me anymore – don’t have a cow, Sarah) shot these photos on her honeymoon. How boss is that? Actually her husband shot the one on the bottom – that’s actually her sitting in front of the sleeping fellow. She’s totally snickering and feigning embarrassment!! GOod job, Sarah!

OK, send in some more.

I have to say that the shots of people with their mouth open are the best. Don’t you think?

P.S. There are a couple of slang words that I’m obviously trying to bring back. One of them is “boss.” Another is the phrase “don’t have a cow.” That’s waaay under used these days.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping in Public 2

  1. Sarah says:

    You got me…I was giggling and semi embarrassed. Are you ever going to post my bridal portraits on here? I want to link from our blog!Anyway, I hope all is going well in Austin and you guys are really enjoying your new studio area.

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