No one is really sure how it happend, but it did. The wedding cake fell. I’ve never seen one fall. I’ve seen one melt – oh yes, I said melt. If you are foolish enough to sit your wedding cake outdoors in the summer in Texas, IT’S GOING TO MELT. If you have butter cream icing on your cake, even in the early springtime, it’s a risk. But like a said before, the demise of this cake is a mystery.

Of course, we couldn’t let it go to waste entirely. This was in the back of house, so no one saw us scoop icing off the cake. Except now, all of you…on the world wide web.

The wedding was beautiful and the guests didn’t even notice that the cake wasn’t cut because they were actually served dessert with their dinner.

4 thoughts on “THIS NEVER HAPPENS, I promise.

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