Lollapalooza – stages

Here’s a handful of shots from Lollapalooza that I shot in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing but a really hard, long shoot.

Broken Social Scene:

Explosions in the Sky

Radiohead Aerials

Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s
Octopus Project

Louis the XIV
Rage Against the Machine Aerials

Pretty Lolla Beauty Shot:
I have no idea what band this was – they won a contest to perform at the festival. But the bassist gave really good rock n roll face:
The sheer madness that was Girl Talk:
Kanye West Aerials:

All of the really random & fun crowd shots are coming. I got a bunch of great ‘Sleeping in Public’ photos. But it was almost too easy, people were sprawled out everywhere. My dream come true!!

6 thoughts on “Lollapalooza – stages

  1. The Gould Family says:

    Sleep shot! Sleep shots! Sleep shots!BTW, I have been trying to get some good sleep shots for you…but I’m always the one sleeping. I expect to be submitted by someone else one day. Mouth fully agape and all.

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