Alex and Carlo – Napa Valley, CA

Emily and I had the pleasure of photographing our friends’ wedding (we all went to college together) in Napa Valley.   I’ve known Carlo and Alex for years and years.  They are very special people in my life and it was a blast to be a part of their day as well as catch up with old friends.  I was certainly impressed by their attention to detail and selection of food and wine.  So, here are some pics.  I couldn’t even include all of my favorite details because there were too many.  But if you are reading this while planning your wedding, think about personalizing you day.  It’s much more interesting this way.  That’s my wedding advice for the day!

Alex’s sister Alison, husband Craig and daughter Isla came over from Scotland for the festivities.  Isla was suffering from jet lag in this photo.  Poor thing!  She’s still as cute as a button though!
Carlo has always been a snappy dresser.  His wedding day was no exception.  I was loving his purple ensemble:
I’m not going to go into detail about what these “champagne drinks” did to everyone.  I’ll just say this to the caterers:  if you are going to include a shot of vodka in an unassuming glass of champagne, please let the guests know, thank you very much!

Alex and Carlo are foodies and instead of table numbers, they had their favorite restaurants from all over the world.  Clever, indeed!
Speaking of food……
Ted Albracht also shot with me and Emily.  Here he is in action in the vineyard.
I see you Ted!!!

4 thoughts on “Alex and Carlo – Napa Valley, CA

  1. Alex says:

    yeah! my drunken napa threats materialized. thanks so much for shooting our wedding and more importantly being a part of such an incredible day/week for carlo and me. mike was telling us tonight that we need to have an anniversary party next august and invite everyone back to napa for some more fun. i think that might be a good decision!

  2. Salome says:

    YES! Because I could drink then!!! So wait, did the champagne have vodka in it??? That is sneaky.Ashley, love looking at your blog, sorry we didn’t get longer to chat at the wedding. We snuck out during the toasts, we had over an hour to drive home.

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