Let’s hear it for the flowergirls.

They’re cute and they’re committed to the task – well, usually. I’m dedicating this entire post to the flowergirls – the dreamers – “the cutie pies.” The ones who relish or despise the attention either way putting up with our “oh isn’t she the cutest thing EVER?” comments. They receive unexpected gifts, get to wear special dresses, twirl about on dance floors, eat too much cake and garnish more attention that everyone except the bride. They’re important and always fun to photograph. I’m not embarrassed to say that I love a squealing gaggle of flowergirls at a wedding. The more the better. At my wedding*, I’m going to have a tribe of flowergirls. Giggling and twirling and having the time of their lives.
So, here’s to all the flowergirls!
*No, there’s not actually a wedding being planned. It’s my hypothetical wedding.

Of course, the fab Emily Joyce, my second shooter, is responsible for some of these photos too!

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