The wedding we shot on December 6th had five flower girls and two ring bearers. Seriously. The were all first cousins, so they were pretty close. They were also pretty well behaved! Of course there were moments of mischief, my to my delight.

OK, I’m not really sure how I feel about the photo below. Pointing and laughing at one child usually results in crying. But he was OK. His little cousin was there to comfort him.
When I saw what was going on in this photo, I thought that the little girl in the middle was being teased and tortured. But I was wrong, she was giggling up a storm as she was spun around by her arms and her tights. Pretty fun. I was kind of jealous!

9 thoughts on “Mischief.

  1. jj STEVENS says:

    as much as i just LOVE these wedding pictures, i sure would like to see some variety. like, perhaps… hmm… i dunno know….maybe some pictures of a friend sleeping in random places. or… i don’t know, just a suggestion 🙂

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