7 thoughts on “Holga – At the pool in Costa Rica.

  1. Lara says:

    Is there anything that ever particularly strikes you and makes you think that “this picture” would be perfect through the lens of a Holga? I’d love to know what you look for…

  2. Ashley Garmon says:

    Hey Lara,

    It’s different everytime. I was drawn to the tree separating the two girls in the pool. I also like the way (as Emmylou pointed out) the flowers coming out of the tree looked like a vintage swim cap. I approach each situation with a “what is going on here” attitude. Nearly 100% of the time they are just situations existing as they are on their own and they are going as quickly as they appear. I do look for shadows and lens flare and tend to shoot into the sun whenever possible. Although technically this is a Holga no-no.

    When I’m shooting weddings with a Holga, it’s a bit more staged.

    I’m starting to babble on. I hope this helps!

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