Back in June we were flying to Playa del Carmen and experienced what can only be described as horrendous travel delays. We were stuck in DFW for eight hours and were put on 4 flights that were canceled. We were lucky though, eight hours was NOTHING on this particular day. People had been there for 24 hours and there were lines of hundreds (literally HUNDREDS) of people who were trying to change their flights, get on other flights, you get the picture. As you can imagine, this was a little thrilling for me as there were people passed out everywhere. At times I was one of them and this made me pause and take pity of my fellow travelers. They were so exhausted and frustrated. The last thing they wanted was to end up on the world wide web. SO…..I just photographed the people around me. I’m sorry, strangers sitting next to me. I only have so much restraint when it comes to people sleeping in public.

By the way, notice the chairs that their sitting in. If you find yourself in the international terminal of the DFW airport, seek out these chairs. They’re so comfortable and makes painful travel experiences much easier to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping in Public, TOTAL AIR TRAVEL FAILURE

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