Another proposal in Chicago.

I saw this on the street while I was in Chicago. Pretty clever, eh?

While I was trying to get a decent photo of it, people kept oohing and aahing out of their car windows. Everyone kept asking me if I was Alaina (much to my mother’s dismay, no I am not).

I assume that she said yes, because that box is marked. but if she had said no, I wonder if the no box would have been checked. That would have been very bold of Colby.

I wonder how Alaina and Colby are doing now. Have they started planning the wedding? Are they arguing over colors? Or what type of wedding to have? I actually have a pair of friends that have been engaged for like, six years. They’re not married because they can’t agree on what type of wedding to have. He wants a fancy black tie affair. She thinks this idea is ridiculous. So, she wears the ring, they’ve bought a house, enjoy each others company immensely and seem perfectly happy to remain engaged. I guess if it’s not broken….

Congratulations Alaina and Colby! Call me, I shoot weddings.

One thought on “Another proposal in Chicago.

  1. Alaina says:

    Hey! It’s Alaina. My friend just sent me your blog post.

    Colby and I are happily engaged and living in Old Town. It just so happened that a family friend of his lives next to my favorite bar, Bar Louie. Which is a karaokee dive bar.

    Our wedding is taking place next month in Traverse City, MI where my parents live. The planning has been really easy and we are excited to celebrate!

    Thanks for your fun post. That was a great surprise. It reminded me about how special that night was and how cool it was to be completely caught of guard. -Alaina

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