Festival Fashion, Lollapalooza 2009

Ahhh the music festival….

Some folks show up to see music. Some folks show up to be seen. Then there are folks who show up for both. I ran into several people worthy of documentation. These few depicted here were kind enough to oblige me some photos. While I was taking them, they excitedly talked about the music they were going to see or had just seen.

We’ll start with this guy. I’ll call him Anthony. Just because I didn’t ever catch his name but for some reason he seems like an Anthony to me. We were too busy talking about his pretty radical outfit and music. For those of you who remember the 80’s, yes, that’s neon you’re seeing and his shorts are splatter painted. He’s also holding his wrist band in his hand because he had just walked through the gates and I was like “Stop!! I MUST TAKE YOUR PICTURE AND TALK TO YOU!!” I know he looks a little annoyed. But it turns out, that’s just his look.
Fanny Pack and knee socks! Yes please, and thank you.

Red mohawk, red pants. Chinese kitty luck charm tshirt…oh c’mon!
Essential for festival kids, ear protection. Don’t be foolish. Even though there’s no hope for our ears, give the young ones a shot at long range hearing. You don’t have to lose your hearing to love music. What’s that? Huh?
Kiddie Rain, hula hoop. Friday’s misery.
We will now pause for a little festival loooooove…….

This is well thought out, a bit much, but legit all the same. You go on then with your bunny ears, fairy wings, heart sunglasses and pretty little tattoo.
This is all about preparation! I judge thee not….
I love Starbright here. She looked marvelous but was mostly SUPER excited about seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Tht’s what’s important, really. I commend her bright and shiny self.

Look it’s Anthony again! The only thing that remains from his outfit the first day is the vest and glasses (which I’m assuming he needs).

More to come…

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