To hire a wedding photographer or have your friend shoot it?

One of the writers for Seattle Bride Magazine, Cody Ellerd, writes an article about her experience photographing a wedding among the pro wedding photographers. She’s had some experience taking pics from the magazine, but not a full time wedding photographer:

“I now disagree more than ever with the digital-age adage that “now everyone is a photographer.” Tens of thousands of dollars in education, equipment and experience separate me from the pros. Professional photographers, like any other artists or business owners, need to spend money to make money. When you hire them, you’re helping them pay for their investments.

“Photography is a very equipment-intensive business, and the equipment is expensive,” says Scott Squire of NonFiction Weddings, a Seattle-based photography team with 10 years of experience. To each wedding, he and his partner bring six or seven top-drawer lenses, a handful of strobes, three camera bodies, one backup and innumerable accessories. (In contrast, if my equipment had failed, my backup would have been my camera phone.) “


(via Liana)

One thought on “To hire a wedding photographer or have your friend shoot it?

  1. The Gould Family says:

    It is so frustrating to hear friends and family comment on how much they love mine and Dave's photos and then see them turn around and say, "Oh friends will do a great job" when their big day/important events roll around.Not one of those couples/parents have been happy with their friends and family photos and they can never recapture the moment. Such a waste!

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