Sweet Wedding (and an Ashley update)

Hello there,

I apologize for the few and far between blog posts.  I’ve had a really heavy travel schedule lately which has ultimately led to my getting the flu.  Ugh.  So, I’m obviously behind on posting.  Many apologies!  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up in the next week.

Today I’m bringing you one of my favorite weddings of 2009.  It was a second marriage for both the bride and groom with only 16 guests in attendance, many of whom were their children.  The ceremony was followed by a dinner with the loveliest abundance of flowers on the dining table.  Although we were only the for a couple of hours, the love  and excitement between the bride and groom and the combined families was contagious.  We left with big smiles on our faces that evening.  Congratulations, Lorrie and Ken!

I’m off to nap now. Probably for the rest of the day.



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