Getcha Party on: GIRL TALK

There are very few things I like better than dancing.   Photography is one of them.  Honestly though, it’s sometimes neck and neck because although photography has the possibility to bring me joy, dancing ONLY brings me joy.  My favorite dance party album right now is Feed The Animals by Girl Talk (it has been for over a year).  The DJ behind Girl Talk is Greg Gillis.  Do you love mash-ups?  Well, he has approximately 300+ samples of music on Feed the Animals, so it’s a monster mash up.  Not only do I love dancing to Girl Talk, I love photographing other people dancing to Girl Talk.  So this was a fantastic 16 minutes of shooting for me in which I got in trouble for standing on a table on stage (so I could get the last shot) and received a ride on a stranger’s shoulders from the stage to the pit because I couldn’t get through the crowd of kids dancing on stage.  Thank you, big guy.
Download Feed The Animals and let the boogie begin.
Also, if you are feeling the need to get your live music boogie (or metal or punk) on, you absolutely MUST go to Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend!!! I will see you there.

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