Buy TOMS for your wedding.

TOMS is a unique shoe company in that for every pair of shoes that someone buys, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child somewhere in the world that is in need.  TOMS is offering special deals for couples who outfit their entire wedding party in TOMS.  Tyler from TOMS emailed me some additional info:

“The way the Bridal program works is for bridal parties wanting to wear TOMS in their weddings we will give them a 10% discount on a order of 10 or more pairs. The way this works is someone in the bridal party would need to collect sizes and styles from everyone based on the availability at and then contact us through the email with that information and we will take care of the rest. Note: we need about two weeks from the time we take the order to the time they are at your door – so plan accordingly.”

Kate (of Kate and Pedro, gave TOMS to her bridesmaids, Mom and the flower girl (the little feet on the right – CUTE), as gifts for her wedding. 

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