(because there is always joy)


When it is sometimes hard to smile throughout the day, or just to deal at all, I am reminded of moments like these.  There is always joy to be found somewhere.  Even if it is in the smallest fleeting moment, it’s there.  If I remember this, it’s easier to get through times that can be tedious. 

Yes, this is a baby – a glorious baby with an infectious smile.  One that hardly even needs to be worked for.  There was no jumping around or silliness to be had behind the camera.  We are sharing the most hilarious joke between the two of us.  I smile every time I see these photos.

So go on and find yourself some smiles.  If you can’t, then well, try a little harder.  They’re out there.  If it’s completely useless, then keep looking at the smiling baby before you.  Especially the last one.  Doesn’t it look like I just told her the most hilarious knock knock joke?


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