I Say Yes.

I love this sweet photo of the ring and vows from a wedding we shot at the beginning of April.  There is MUCH more from this wedding coming in the next few weeks.
I’m in Lubbock, Texas today speaking to a Senior Studio Photography Class at Texas Tech University.  We’re discuss photography and the future….stuff like that.  I hope the students learn something from me.  Perhaps I will learn something from them as well.  
Have a good Monday y’all,

3 thoughts on “I Say Yes.

  1. Kira Miles Photography says:

    Hey Ashley its Kira I was in that class I was the one asking all the wedding questions. We did learn a lot from you thank you soooooo much for coming we were still talking about you today in another class!!! Thanks for your advise and all your wisdom lol, I even started my own blog right after class monday because of you!!

  2. ashleygarmon says:

    Little Miss: I think they wrote the vows themselves.Kira: Hi!! I'm so glad you've started your own blog. I think it really helps to keep you shooting. I'll be checking in on you now!

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