Wedding Guest Fashionitas

I live in Austin, TX which is a very laid back kind of town when it comes to fashion.  Actually when it comes to just about everything!  Thankfully most wedding guests rise to the occasion to at least wear their “Sunday Best” when attending a wedding.  I have to say that these ladies made my day when their own personal styles.  It’s only a shame that you aren’t able to see their shoes in this picture as well!
And dear Lord, do I love a good hat!! As I have mentioned before on this blog, people (both women and men) don’t wear hats enough anymore.  Hats are FUN, y’all.  They keep the sun out of your eyes, keep your head warm in the winter, they’re a wonderful solution for a bad hair day.  Not to mention they’re a very stylish accessory.  I’m not talking about trucker caps (I’m looking at YOU, men of Austin).  But why not give it a whirl?  Wear a hat to a wedding or party sometime.
Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!  The weather is perfect all across the great state of Texas.  Go outside and soak it up because you know in about two weeks we’re all going to start melting.

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