Are you in New York City this weekend??

Well, if you are, you MUST go see this photography opening at the Chelsea Market on May 8 from 9-11:30pm.  My friend Dave Mead is an extraordinarily gifted photographer.  He went to Alaska last year and shot portraits of contestants entering The World Championship Mustache and Beard Competition.  Living in Austin, Texas, it’s hard not to notice how seriously men can take their beards.  But the contestants of this competition take it to a whole other level.  I find myself staring at these portraits for several minutes whenever I see them.  So if you’re in the city tomorrow evening, you really MUST go to this opening.

I insist.  Do it for me!  I am shooting a wedding in Austin this weekend so I’m unable to attend. 

Let me know what you think!

Have a good weekend,

This show is brought to you by Decoder Ring and Guerilla Suit

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