Modern Affair at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Melissa and John held their wedding at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.  They used the same space for both the ceremony and reception.  I’ve seen this many times but what they did that was different (and fabulous) was that they used lighting to create a different atmosphere for each event.  First of all, they had several trees (yes, actual trees) suspended from the ceiling.  During the ceremony only the Huppah was spot lit everything else was dark except for six trees suspended above the guests:

After the ceremony, the lighting was set to reveal the trees on the perimeter of the space and suspended from the ceiling.  The trees hung above beautifully potted succulent gardens and were completed with brightly colored faux parakeets attached to their limbs.  The lighting on the walls with dramatic shadowing gave the feeling of being in a forest:

There was not a shortage of goodies at the reception either!

What you’re looking at is a giant cupcake (in lieu of a wedding cake).  The couple resides in NYC, so The Chrysler Building and  Empire State Building served as cake toppers.

Have a great Tuesday!


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