Old Delhi – street portraits

One of the things I was excited about doing when I went to India was street shooting.  I was admittedly trepidatious about doing so on my own.  I spoke to a photographer friend of mine, Penny de los Santos and of course she had a fixer for me.  Fixers are an essential for photographers traveling around the world who need access to certain areas.  Penny is such a photographer.  With clients like National Geographic and Saveur Magazine, she is used to setting up fixers in different countries and navigating her way through each assignment that she is given.  I am not such a photographer (although I remain constantly envious) so I was delighted and relieved when Penny introduced me to Vineet Modi.  Vineet guided me all around the streets of old Delhi.  He’s also a photographer, so he was patient with me and very encouraging of me to interact with the people I met on the street.  For some reason, I ended up doing a lot of quick portraits.  This is pretty unusual because I am so used to shooting on the fly and capturing moments.  While I have many photos of life happening on the streets of Old Delhi, here is a sampling of my favorite portraits:

OMG, Guns N’ Roses sweater vest!!

Thank you again, Vineet for such a fun day!

8 thoughts on “Old Delhi – street portraits

  1. Penny says:

    Beautiful work Ashley! I can see you were inspired while you were there.
    The faces in India are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work and for your kind words!

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