Katy’s Triplets

Katy used to work for me back in the day.  We became fast friends over our love of photography (specifically b/w film and holga cameras) and Labrador Retrievers.  She was also a blast to work with.  But that was in the earlier part of the last decade.  Then she moved to San Francisco, had a baby boy, moved back home and life was busy, busy…oh yeah, she also went to grad school while in San Francisco.  Anyway, we have had a terrible time trying to carve out some time with our equally busy schedules.  Then one day in late October I received a voice mail message from a very sleepy-sounding Katy.  She said: “I’ve just had triplets and I’m too weak to photograph them.  Can you do it for me?”

Ummmm. You just did WHAAAAT???

Talk about falling out of touch.  Of course I said yes and was delighted to shoot them (and hold them for awhile) before I left for India.

So here they are, from left to right: Alex, Robert and Elizabeth!

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