6 thoughts on “Molly + Jordan, first post

  1. Colette says:

    It truly looked like the most happy day of your life, Molly. I’m so incredibly happy for you and Jordan. Sending my biggest hug and my brightest smile to you!

    aka: your first client (kind of) 🙂

  2. Aunt Goldie and Uncle Mal says:

    Our most profound wishes for mazal tov (the lucky stars) all the days of your life together. Always remember the many joys of this time in the years ahead. They will enhance happy moments and help get you through the tough things.

    Be healthy, happy and good to one another.

    Love from us both.

  3. Berit + Amos, Sweden says:

    Molly and Jordan,
    Tnx for the lovely photos, next best to being there, which we had to cancel due to chaged circumstances here.
    The best of luck, we look forward to seeing you- either here or in the US.
    Berit + Amos

  4. linda and bob goodman says:

    wonderful pictures of a wonderful couple, with wonderful parents on a wonderful day. thank you for sharing this with us. linda and bob

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