4 thoughts on “Molly + Jordan, second post

  1. Molly Waxman says:

    I absolutely love these pictures. I NEVER like pictures of myself, but I have to say that I am 100% pleased with everything you see above. I feel like I just re-lived my own wedding. Thank you, Ashley for the most beautiful wedding pics I have ever seen!!


  2. Berit + Amos, Sweden says:

    Dear Molly and Jordan,

    Mazal Tov to you and your future life as a couple.
    We planned to come, but unfortunately we had to change plans, so these lovely photos give us some visual compensation.
    We look forward to seeing you, here in Sweden or States-side.

    All the best, Berit and Amos

  3. Berit + Amos, Sweden says:

    Dear Molly and Jordan,

    Thank you much for these great photos- we love them! They give us the feeling of being there with you and participate, although we were inhibited to attend.
    We look forward to meeting you in person somewhere on our globe, and congratulate you in person.

    Love, Berit and Amos

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