Two completely unrelated things about England

First of all we photographed a wedding in Austin this past weekend where the bride was from West Texas and the groom was from England.  This is a wonderful combination of folks if you want to have a truly good time!!  Here is a photo of the bride before the wedding, we swiped the groom’s top hat before the ceremony:

Second, I’m off to England next Friday to photograph a wedding at The Guyers House in Cortsham, Wiltshire.  The bride is from England and the groom is from Alabama.  Another winning combination for a splendid time.  Not to mention, judging by the save the date that the designed themselves, it’s also going to be a clever affair:

I’m expecting many fascinators and bow ties.  Not to mention glorious English countryside and mild temperatures, which will be a welcome relief from our hot Texas summer.  I’ll also be in London for about a week, shooting in the streets and being a regular tourist in the city.  I’m hoping to blog from London, so I should be in touch…

Have a great weekend!


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