Things I Love – Alyson Fox’s New Book!

My extraordinarily talented friend recently had a book published called A Shade of Red.  She photographed over 100 women, all wearing the same shade of red lipstick.  It turned out beautifully and I was touched by many of the portraits.  I’m always kind of blown away with what Alyson is doing.  In addition to being a photographer, she is an artist, clothing designer, jewelry designer, has a line of dishware that features her art, and it is rumored that there is a home goods line coming out as well.  Oh, and guess what, it’s ALL good.  I mean, really really really freaking good.  I am fortunate to call her a friend and I continue to be grateful for the support and encouragement she has given me over the years.  Oh and we also shot her wedding (she made her wedding dress out of WWII parachute)!  Please check it out and buy one for yourself!  Buy one for a friend!

Have a great day,


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