Wedding at Fun Fun Fun Fest!

This weekend, the clever folks at Transmission Entertainment are throwing the 6th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest, an independent genre based music festival.  I look forward to FFF Fest every year with great excitement.  Not only because they bring excellent music to Austin for us to hear, there are always interesting twists.  For instance, on the bill this year is the internet sensation, Sexy Sax Man.  Why?  Because it’s funny.  The main music draws this year are Spoon, Public Enemy and SLAYER.  Hipsters at one end of the fest, Metal at the other…and everyone else in between.  Oh yeah, there is also a skate ramp built by Project LOOP, wrestling and comedians.

So when a couple contacted Transmission Entertainment wanting to get married at the festival, of course they said yes.  And in true Fun Fun Fun Fest form, they took it to the next level.

Page and Stephen will be getting married on the Yellow Stage at 3:35pm on Sunday.  Sexy Sax Man will be playing his irresistable George Michael jams and there is a very special guest officiating the wedding ceremony.  Everyone is invited.  And trust me, if you are a fan of the fest, of music etc, you will not want to miss it. Yours truly been happily recruited to photograph this blessed event. I cannot WAIT to see Page and Stephen’s face when they see their officiant.  No pressure to capture these moments, right?

If you cannot attend (I’m already sad for you), Pitchfork is streaming it live all weekend.

If you need me, I’ll be at the fest.  But don’t call me, because I can’t hear you.


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