BHLDN Event In Houston, Texas

I am just pleased as punch to be be part of an event being held at BLHDN in Houston, Texas on Sunday. It will be showcasing a handful of vendors from Austin. I was lucky enough to be chosen among them!

What is BHLDN? Well, it is Anthropologie’s answer to weddings. The site is gorgeous but the store is BEYOND. Every inch of that store is stunning. It even smells good. For real, it SMELLS good. But not like anything specific of floral. Just really really good. Dare I say delightful? I went there for the first time last weekend when was in Houston for a shoot. Speaking of, here are a few photographs of my beautiful bride from Saturday’s wedding….

So, if you are in Houston on Sunday, please come by and see us.  You’ll be glad you did!

Have a good weekend,


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