Classic wedding in San Antonio

I love this sweet classic wedding we shot in the bride’s hometown of San Antonio.  The ceremony was held at Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church and the reception at The Argyle Club.

We actually shot it last Spring.  It’s funny that sometimes life moves so fast and when we are in high wedding season, the images come in and go out very quickly.  I was revisiting this wedding today when I was looking back at our 2012 weddings, and I found myself thinking “Oh, I really like that picture!”  And the weird thing is, that I TOOK that picture.  But when you are shooting thousands of images and there are deadlines, you just keep moving forward.  I do, anyway.  Perhaps I will try and sit more with my images in the future.  I am trying to take less weddings, so this might actually be able to happen.

Anyway, that’s what I am doing today.  Thinking about slowing down to enjoy this all a little bit more….

We’ll see,


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