Unscripted Moments

As wedding photographers, we spend so much time leading up to the ceremony discussing photography on the wedding day.  Primarily, we spend most of our communication with our clients talking about the list of group formals we will have to do before and after the wedding.  It’s important that we are able to capture each different set-up requested by our clients.  Within reason, of course.  Often times, I have to explain that simple math will not allow s to take 40 different portrait set-ups in the 30 minutes allotted to us to do these pictures.  Additionally, clients and their parents will add photos as we are going along.  I have a rule when this happens:  I never say no.  It’s easier to say yes than to explain why we shouldn’t do it.  That reason is that we are racing against time – or the sun setting, to try and have time for the portraits of the bride and groom.

But with all of the juggling of these traditional photographs that we execute with lightning speed in order to stay on time for the rest of the day, and all the communication regarding them that leads up to the day, it’s still the moments caught on the fly that are the sweetest.

This photo is from a recent wedding we shot in Houston.  Her dress isn’t set just so, the couple isn’t looking at the camera.  They had just gotten married and this moment – those real smiles – well, that is what makes it perfect to me.


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