Springtime in Texas.

I have to admit, Springtime in Texas can be unpredictable and usually hotter and drier than we had all collectively hoped for.  But somehow, this Spring was rather pleasant and we were blessed with a lot of rain here in Austin.  Which makes everyone say “can you believe it’s STILL cool?”  in hushed tones, of course,  as to not offend (or remind) Mother Nature than in fact, we are usually suffering by May.  Well I shot these photos in the vineyard at Duchman Family Winery on May 25th.  There was a cool breeze, it was weird but we just happily rolled with it.  Btw, how about the bride’s smile?  It is literally contagious.  You can’t look at her smiling face without smiling!

Of note, all those cool breezes are gone now.  Hellooooo Summer in Texas.

Totally sweating while I write this,


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